Friends of the Peak District

Friends Of The Peak DistrictThe outstanding natural beauty of the Peak District National Park is a source of inspiration, relaxation and recreation for millions of people every year, a place which local people love and cherish.

Friends of the Peak District started in 1924, and its founders Gerald and Ethel Haythornthwaite were the driving force behind the movement to safeguard the countryside. They were passionate about their work at a time when there were no green belts, no statutory planning system, and no national parks. They played a pivotal role in making the Peak District Britain’s first national park in 1951.

Although a national park, the Peak District remains fragile and vulnerable: it is under constant threat from those who put economics before environment. As well as being the most quarried national park in the UK, its location between big cities puts enormous pressure on space, land and wildlife.

Friends of the Peak District campaigns against such threats to make sure our beautiful countryside is protected. We provide the vigilance and vigorous campaigning that is needed if the Peak District’s unique landscapes are to be safeguarded for generations to come.

Campaigns include:

·         Housing and transport – to campaign against inappropriate developments

·         Take Back the Tracks – to stop motorised vehicles damaging green lanes

·         Undergrounding – to move unsightly pylons and overhead cables underground

·         Fracking and quarrying – to prevent unsustainable damage to the countryside

·         Sustainable energy – to support appropriate sustainable energy developments

·         Green belts – to protect the green belts from being developed and built on.


Want to know more?

We provide a speaker service to groups who would like to know more about our history, our work and the threats we campaign against, as well as our Peak District Boundary Walk. Email for more information.