Charity of the Year – Paces

About Paces

Paces is a charity based in South Yorkshire that support children, adults and families living with Cerebral Palsy and other motor disorders.

They run a full accredited special school based in Chapeltown for children with Cerebral Palsy and other related motor disorders, as well as an Adult Day Service, offering similar support to individuals over the age of 18.

Paces is a leading specialist centre for children with Cerebral Palsy and other motor disorders, with an ever-growing reputation for excellence in Conductive Education.

Conductive Education as a holistic approach is unique and is highly effective in meeting the learning needs of our children and young people.

Paces was established in the 1990s by a small group of parents who recognised the benefits of Conductive Education for their children with cerebral palsy.

A growing number of families have since taken advantage of Paces’ unique way of working, enabling their children to reap great benefits from our integrated approach, which focuses on personal goals and aspirations.


Want to know more?

Check out more information via the Paces website.