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“It’s not the mountains we conquer, it is ourselves”
Edmund Hillary

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Pre-Registration Information

Welcome and congratulations for reaching step one of an incredible and unique UK cycling challenge.

Pure Peak Grit was created in 2019, and tested by a group of inspiring mile-munching ladies (see how they got on here).

The idea was to design a continuous route (no out-and-backs), linking together every famous and categorised road climb by bike, the hardest way up, in the Peak District National Park and the immediate vicinity around it.

The resultant challenge route is 610km (380 miles) long, with 13,600m (44,600 feet) of ascent.

There are 42 categorised climbs to ‘tick off’ in this endurance hill venture, including 9% of Britain’s ‘100 Greatest cycling climbs’.

This makes it the UK’s hilliest long distance road cycling event.

PPG 2022 will start and finish in Sheffield, and will be segmented into more easily navigable sections, so there will be a few tweaks to the 2019 route. There will also be the inclusion of a place to sleep near the 300km point for those who need it.

There will be three time categories for riding PPG 2022:


The ultimate challenge!
Two riders managed it this year, with enough time for a decent sleep in real beds!


A more manageable timescale that could be cycled as 3x 200kms.


Sole completion of this route is a massive achievement, and tribute to your tenacious grit. Not only that, but PPG allows you to cycle across and summit some of our greatest hills, in some of our most beautiful countryside. This is an absolute privilege to be valued and enjoyed. However long it takes you, if you endure and embrace this ride, you will very much be a ‘Pure Peak Gritter’.

Jasmijn Muller during Pure Peak Grit 2019
Alaina and Alice at the end of Pure Peak Grit 2019
Alice Thompson during Pure Peak Grit 2019

Finally and in line with this ethos, PPG is tied to the ‘Friends of the Peak District’ charity. FPD are a grassroots organisation who campaign to protect the National Park and its communities from unsustainable and damaging developments. All registration fees will cover the basic running costs, with a proportional amount depending on participant numbers going straight to the charity.
For example, 20 riders will enable £20pp to go to the charity, 30 entrants will enable a £30pp donation etc.

If you wish to proceed with this gem of an experience, please click below to register.

Please note, that by completing the registration form you will now only be added to the WAITING LIST.

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