PPG Rule Book

Alaina Beacall during Pure Peak Grit 2019
  1. You will take full responsibility for your own health, safety and any accidents or mechanicals which may arise during the event.
  2. You agree to read and abide by the Highway Code and all UK Traffic Laws during the event, and will respect other road users.
  3. You are responsible for your own time and strategic planning in terms of if, when and where you sleep and refuel. You understand the environment is rural and may have few opportunities for food/water.
  4. You will be fully self-supported, not utilising any outside assistance that isn’t commercially available to every other participant. For example, not accept friends give you extra food, water or a place to stay.
  5. You will be aware of signs of exhaustion and sleep deprivation, and agree for your own and other road users’ safety, to stop cycling in this instance.
  6. You will treat the national park and environment with respect:
    a.       No littering
    b.      Keeping noise to a minimum
    c.       If wild-camping – seeking permission from the landowner.
  7. Personal safety and being seen:
    a.      You must be in possession of and demonstrate at registration, TWO functioning front lights and TWO functioning rear lights
    b.      You must wear a helmet
    c.       You must wear at least one piece of high visibility attire and at least one piece of reflective element e.g. Hi-vis jacket or gilet and reflective ankle straps, arm bands, harness, reflective tape on your bike.
  8. You must have and send proof of your own 3rd party liability insurance (this is automatically included for CyclingUK and British Cycling members). Please email proof to purepeakgrit@gmail.com
  9. You understand that this route requires a high level of fitness and mental determination, and agree to be fully physically and mentally equipped by 29th June 2024.
  10. You must have a fully functioning and roadworthy bicycle prior to and during the event, and agree to this being checked at registration.
  11. You understand that the weather in the Peak District can rapidly change, and agree to be prepared in terms of warm and wet-weather kit.
  12. You accept that there will be unavoidable hazards on the route, that may put your personal safety at risk and require due caution and diligence. Some examples of this include:
    a.      Livestock, mainly sheep
    b.      Potholes, cattle grids and broken road surfaces
    c.      Fallen trees and other flora
    d.      Busy roads and junctions
    e.      Small winding roads where other vehicles may be unable to see you
    f.       Hazardous weather conditions which may affect road safety: extreme winds, rain, snow (hopefully not…)
  13. The halfway community hall requires respect, quiet, and all footwear to be removed before entering the main room.
  14. You will inform event organisers of an emergency or if you decide to scratch. There is no guarantee of a ‘rescue’ in this case; a scratch means that you will have to make your own way back to HQ or home.
  15. All riders must pay a refundable deposit for the tracker rental.
  16. Rider’s must be over the age of 18.
  17. The organiser reserves full right to refuse the participation of a rider, and will issue a full refund if so.